David Edwards

David Edwards


Coach Captain, Tour Guide, Photographer, Videographer, Online Content Producer, Adventure Motorcyclist and very keen Cappuccino Drinker.

Using available platforms our aim is to showcase your Tourism Business increasing your brand awareness through Video & YouTube, Photography, Social Media and this Website.

Imagine your Business on our website using a stunning array or images, video and information with direct links to your Business and social media channels.

This story began Driving / Tour Guiding throughout Sydney and surrounding areas with camera in hand the idea was born.

Hello I’m Dave the founder of Escape Scenes. The idea behind Escape Scenes was born from two completely different industries which I had worked in.

  1. Tour Coach Captain / Driver Guide – Conducting day tours
  2. Wedding & Corporate Videographer – Producing Wedding Videos

Call it a fusion of services where a passion for Videography and Photography was fused with day tours. I’d regularly find myself armed with a camera and a sense of adventure capturing images of the area. This was primarily archived but occasionally edited together for display onboard and online. In fact a lot of what you’ll see displayed on Escape Scenes was captured while working about and about on tour as a driver and not as a Cameraman.

Stemming from my own need to seek an authentic experience within an area, I’ve always felt there was so much more to show than what I could from a Tour Coach visiting the most popular venues. Sure they’ll deliver an experience that meets the clients expectations  however did it tick the boxes for those looking for a more unique experience?

With a knack for technology the concept developed to put together my own websites for Video projects. So it kind of made sense to come up with a way of getting the message across to a wider audience in an accessible format.

We’ve found that folks from all walks of life share a common interest in getting to know more about the places they visit. In a world of smart phones and increased demand on visual content information. They’ll spend the time if they have the resources to research further. The savvy traveller will make it their mission to not only research, but base their touring experience and dollar on their research. So its important to give an unbiased description on the areas they wish to visit.

The Idea with the name is to Escape from the masses to visit Scenes that inspire your soul. Touring your way is our philosophy putting the information in the travellers hands as a research tool while visiting our great destinations.

This is an ambitious project where over time I aim to build a portfolio of great destinations within my reach and see where the journey goes.

I’m always up for a chat and a cappuccino with anyone interested in our services or tour guides who have great stories they’d like to feature on this website.

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Escape Scenes is dedicated to the development and improved visibility of Boutique Tour Operators through the use of Video, Photos and Social Media. The service region is based around Sydney and surrounding areas.

There are no call centers so feel free to get in touch.

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